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We love what we do and are passionate about creating sustainable solutions.

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Our Mission

The mission of ecobe is to inspire, motivate and empower sustainability professionals and entrepreneurs to create thriving sustainable businesses for a healthy planet.

We are doing that by combining creativity, sustainability knowledge, and Biomimicry. 

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Our approach is to see the challenges we face as a chance for a positive transformation.


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Inspired by nature

We are inspired by nature and use nature’s examples as inspiration and guidelines to create genuinely sustainable solutions.
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Creative Thinking

We are open-minded and love to think out of the box and use various methods to generate new ideas.
Sustainable Business Journey


We love to collaborate and believe in the power of working together to create the best possible solutions. We see our customers as partners and work based on trusted cooperation in our projects. 
Hello, I am Ulla, the founder of ecobe.
Ulla SoederI am trained as a product designer, environmental educator, and Biomimicry specialist and have more than 15 years of professional experience in design and sustainability. After working for different agencies and educational institutions, I founded ecobe to support entrepreneurs and sustainability professionals in their daily work. 

My primary specialty is bio-inspired eco-innovation and translating the often overwhelming sustainability facts in easily understandable training and media. The topics closest to my heart are supporting positive change by using a combination of design thinking and Biomimicry to create innovative solutions for products and business strategies and creating visual content to make them more accessible. Another passion is creating nature-inspired patterns for all kinds of surfaces. 

I love traveling and exploring new places and cultures. I also love learning new things and spending time with friends and family outdoors in nature, and creating patterns for all kinds of surfaces.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing your project. 

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How we work

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To find sustainable solutions, we use an innovative method that combines Biomimicry and design thinking.

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We create concepts for eco-friendly products and services and help redesign existing ones. 


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Sustainability Education

We love to educate about sustainability, eco-design, and Biomimicry. Formats we offer are workshops, design sprints, presentations, and retreats.

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Sustainability Consulting

We help develop and implement an individual sustainability strategy and become climate neutral based on your business’s core activities and values.


Our clients include

Advaia Diversity Solutions, Academy for communication in Baden Württemberg, Bausachverständigenbüro Tannert Berlin, Bay Area Discovery Museum Sausalito, USA, BMBF Verbundprojekt “Homo Europaeus” Humboldt Universität Berlin, Charité Berlin, Deutsches Human Genom Projekt, Evonik Industries, FU Berlin, Institut für Immunologie und Molekularbiologie, Hennig Photography, Humatic Interactive Screens GmbH Berlin, Iu International University, Jarm Urban Streetwear, Koordinationszentrum für Strukturforschung Berlin, Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee, Macoweda Institut Berlin, Max Planck Institut für molekulare Genetik Berlin, Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, Naturkost Berlin, Rina Netzwerk für RNA Technologie, Schrobsdorff Bau GmbH, Sunbeam Eco Consultants GmbH Berlin, Swedish Fall, Wbs Training Berlin


Amazing work. It’s a happy, colorful but still very clear overall impression; it’s really fun to look at. There is a great balance between, on the one hand, the complexity and respect for the topic, and, on the other hand, reducing it to the essentials and ensuring easy access.
It becomes clear at first glance at how the material is made up, and it looks great.
I think it’s great, I am absolutely thrilled, and I would like to express my thanks for this work. (Translated from German)

– Christina Janssen

CEO, Advaia Diversity Solutions

We saw the unique pattern from Ulla that caught our eye and thought: This design must look amazing on clothes!
After a few weeks of development and bringing this print to life, not only us but many more happy customers are amazed by their new ‘Peachy Snake’ items in their wardrobe!

– Lara Stallbaum

CEO, Swedish Fall

client logos

We are happy that our work has already been awarded.

Unesco Social Design Award

Explore our


We work together with partners from various fields like design,
education, biology, and consulting for large projects.


For design projects, we are partnering with Bettina Beuttenmüller in Munich and the Finnish designer Piritta Voipio from Espoo.

Together we are ThePatternTrio. We create eye-catching contemporary and timeless patterns & prints for interiors, products, and apparel.

Bettina Beuttenmüller

Bettina Beuttenmüller FREUDENWERKSTATT

Bettina is a print & pattern designer with a degree in design & illustration. She is also the founder of the studio FREUDENWERKSTATT based in Munich. Florals, textures, and dynamic lines are characteristic of her creative work. Her style is charming and delicate yet fresh and modern – and a great fit for home, fashion, accessories, and stationery.

In her Munich studio, she also teaches creative art classes and hand lettering as she likes to inspire creativity in others. 

Happiness is a pattern.


Piritta Voipio

Piritta Voipio

Piritta lives in Southern Finland with her little family. She is a professional fashion and surface pattern designer strengthened by a background in international business life. She is also founder of Voipio design, her Interior design studio. 

Her lovingly simplified style has a reduced color palette and organic shapes. There is warmth and playfulness. She enjoys experimenting with different techniques and combining them. Many of her designs have a Nordic touch to them.


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