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Discover Your Creativity Through Nature.

Learn Creativity and Biomimicry Fundamentals for Innovative Ideas, Designs, and Solutions.

The course is still in development, but if you’re interested, feel free to join the waiting list and secure an Early Bird discount.

Do you ever feel…

Would you like to reignite your inner creativity?
Do you feel uncreative and helpless in the face of current crises?
Do you think that many solutions don’t go far enough?
Do you want to learn how to solve complex problems using nature?
Have you heard of Biomimicry and found it fascinating but didn’t know how to use it yourself?
Do you want to learn how Biomimicry works and how to start using it easily?

CREATIVENATURE might be the perfect fit for you.


Nature as a Source of Creativity

Learn Biomimicry fundamentals for innovative ideas, designs, and solutions

Creative Nature is a 30-day Email course with a creative Biomimicry Playbook, audio, and video elements.

Understand the fundamental concepts of nature and how you can practically integrate Biomimicry into your daily life and profession to boost your creativity.

Learn tools for nature-inspired innovations and use them directly for your own project.

Be inspired by the beauty and wonders of nature and reconnect with it.

Change your perspective on the living world and discover how Biomimicry can help create a sustainable future.

Yes, I want to start learning and get noticed when the course begins:
Creativenature Course

It was a great course with lots of content, but it was well-structured; it provided an excellent overview of the topic and delved deep into the necessary details for specific topics.

Course participant “Bionics in Sustainability Management”

Outstanding content!!! The content is really exceptional. Here, I feel that the content is extremely relevant to my role as a Sustainability Manager. Great tools and methods were conveyed that we can apply in the company.

Course participant “Bionics in Sustainability Management”

Bionics is an inspiring research field that is delving into more and more other research areas.
Imagine all the challenges of environmental protection and energy technology that can be explored and solutions found based on developments and examples in nature.
The developmental repertoire of nature, created over millions of years of evolution, appears particularly creative and almost inexhaustible.

Ulrich Stempel, Biomimicry Expert

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 How is the course structured?

The course consists of various elements that complement each other.
email smartphone

Every day, an inspiring email

You’ll receive an inspiring email daily with course content, examples, and tasks.

Kreatives ebook

Creative Biomimicry Playbook

In the Biomimicry Playbook, you can solve tasks, take notes, and find many exciting inspirations.

Reconnect with nature

Visualizations and tasks

You’ll find additional task descriptions, visualizations, audio files, and videos for the content.


Creative Challenge: Develop your own design

In the final part of the course, you’ll use Biomimicry yourself. Because the best way to learn is by doing – and it’s also the most fun!

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Course Topics and Contents

ecobe blog

Module 1

Discover the Basics

what is Biomimicry?
we are all designers!
utilize 3.8 billion years of development time
inspiring examples and exercises
sustainability and biomimicry
the three levels of biomimicry
get creative with biomimicry inspiration cards


Module 2 Dive into the Wonders of Nature

form: how does nature build?
communication in nature
learn about nature`s manufacturing
discover green, water-based chemistry
how does color arise in nature?
how would nature start a business?
cooperation and competition
how does nature manage circular economy
networks, from slime mold to food chains
discover nature technology summaries and learn to be creative with them


Module 3 Creative Challenge – Design with Biomimicry

creative challenge
define your own Biomimicry task
work with the example challenge
go on a nature exploration
brainstorm your bio-inspired ideas
abstract and refine your design ideas
define your next bio-inspired steps



+ Bonus Creativity cards

In addition to the course content, you’ll receive a set of Biomimicry Creativity cards that you can use for your upcoming projects.


The program is designed for nature lovers and creatives who…

…want to ignite their CREATIVITY.
…want to develop innovative, SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS.
…want to understand the basics of a nature-inspired DESIGN METHODOLOGY.
…want to have MORE FUN in creative design.
…want to bring their CONNECTION TO NATURE into their professional lives.
…want to learn a CREATIVE INNOVATION METHOD seen as central to solving today’s challenges.

Hi, I’m Ulla,

I’m a designer and sustainability consultant, and I’m thrilled you’re interested in the course.

Why did I develop this course?

I created this course to make Biomimicry more accessible and promote sustainable solutions in various fields.
My love for nature and creative design led me to my profession, but the awareness of environmental destruction through our product design left me uneasy.
I decided to pursue a Master’s in Environmental Education and discovered how nature uniquely inspired my creativity during my work in a botanical garden in Canada.

Biomimicry opened up a new concept: Instead of exploiting nature to produce new products, I can learn from it.


Fascinated by the efficiency and beauty of natural solutions optimized over billions of years, I pursued a distance learning program in Biomimicry. In this program, I deepened my knowledge and enthusiasm for transferring biological principles to human design processes.
The basic idea is that everything surrounding us in nature has had a very long Research & Development time – over 3.8 billion years – and has proven to be functional. Solutions from nature are often much more efficient than human-made materials and products; for example, spider silk is four times stronger than a steel thread of the same dimension and can be stretched three times without breaking.

The best part is that all of nature’s solutions contribute to a healthy planet, not its destruction.
This idea makes me optimistic – we are surrounded by the most fantastic, sustainable design solutions. We can apply them to our questions, developing sustainable, regenerative solutions in various fields, from product design and architecture to organizational development and artificial intelligence.

To make Biomimicry more accessible to others, I have developed this 30-day email course with an inspiring workbook.

Are you joining the discovery journey?

Do you have any further questions?

Do you have to be a biologist or designer to learn Biomimicry?

No, anyone can use Biomimicry, regardless of prior knowledge or education. The only requirement is the motivation to learn something new and engage with nature as a mentor.

Can you take the course without any prior knowledge?

Yes, it is a beginner’s course, no prior knowledge is required.

I don't know if the course is what I'm looking for.
If you have any questions about the course, feel free to send me an email. We can discuss whether the course is a good fit for you. Alternatively, you can start the course and if after two weeks you realize it’s not what you were looking for, you will receive a refund.
Do you want to read more about what Biomimicry is up front to help your decision?

You can read more about Biomimicry here: What is Biomimicry, and on our blog.

Are you joining the Biomimicry discovery journey?

One-time payment

47 €

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I know that the steps, tools, and tips I provide will guide you to your goal. Therefore, here’s my risk-free guarantee for you: If you are dissatisfied after two weeks and following the exercises, I will refund the full amount.