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Do you want to learn about topics related to sustainability? 

We offer workshops and courses in various sustainability aspects, like eco-innovation and sustainability management, to empower through knowledge and skills to protect the planet.
You can find examples on this page. We also provide customized training. 

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How can we help you?

Examples of topics we can offer as training:

  • The concept and history of sustainability
  • Sustainability in the organization
  • Sustainability strategies, consistency, efficiency, and sufficiency
  • Sustainable management
  • Sustainable Design
  • Bio-inspired design
  • Eco-innovation
  • Circular economy and design
  • Sustainable strategy
  • Sustainability reporting 
  • Biomimicry
  • Sustainable print design
  • Climate change and protection
  • Carbon-neutral business
  • Carbon offsetting
  • Sustainability Design Sprint

 We love to teach in an interactive, positive way and use methods like design thinking and design sprints. 


Examples of sustainability trainings we conducted recently

Training for sustainability managers for wbs Germany

  • 2-weeks seminar about sustainable process technologies and products, focusing on circular design 
  • 2-weeks seminar about sustainable management in the organization highlighting sustainable finance and the new EU reporting directive
  • 2-weeks training about integrated management systems and ISO standards like DIN ISO 26000 to develop businesses in a responsible, sustainable manner

Train the trainer program about education for sustainable development

Examples of higher education trainings

  • Seminar for media design students about climate change
  • One-day workshop about sustainable print design for media design students.
  • Lecture and project support about sustainable design for product-design students.
  • The bio-inspired design adventure – 2-day innovation workshop to learn Biomimicry and create a sustainable product design with the team.

Explore our


Creative Nature

(coming soon in German)

  • Nature as a source of creativity
  • Learn the basics of Biomimicry to create innovative, sustainable ideas, designs, and solutions.

Discover nature`s genius and the library of sustainable solutions that surrounds us.

30-days E-Mail starter course

The Bio-Inspired Design adventure – learn the basics of Biomimicry in a 2-day live workshop

  • Are you interested in sustainability, Biomimicry and eco-friendly design?
  • Would you like to learn more about bio-inspired innovation and work on a real-life challenge?
  • Learn how to develop ideas for sustainable, eco-friendly products or services.
  • Are you interested in Biomimicry and would like to know more about it?
  • Do you want to learn an easy-to-follow step-by-step innovation process for sustainable design?

The Bio-inspired Design Adventure is a 2-days workshop where you learn the principles of bio-inspired design and work on a real-life challenge.

The Sustainable Business Journey

Are you a sustainability professional or business owner and want to know how to transform your business into a sustainable climate-friendly business? This course shows you the process and helps you implement your learning directly.

Learn the action steps to create a sustainable business.

The Eco-innovation Design Sprint

This online program shows you how to develop a sustainable, eco-friendly product or service in an easy-to-follow step-by-step process and develop an easy prototype of your idea and test it. In addition, you learn methods and tools for sustainable design and use bio-inspiration as a foundation for sustainable solutions.

Learn how to design your sustainable,
eco-friendly product in 5 weeks.

Start simple and quick with sustainability in your small business.

Learn tips and tricks to help you develop a step-by-step sustainability roadmap for your business using our FREE starter guide.

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