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Welcome August I ecobe sustainability sparks
  • Are you a small business owner and want to make your business more sustainable?
  • Inspired by nature, How can we create eco-friendly colors like nature?

Welcome August I ecobe Sustainability Sparks

Welcome September I ecobe Sustainability Sparks
  • Do you know the triangle of Sustainability and that you can use it as a creative brainstorming tool to find sustainable solutions?
  • Inspired by nature, How can we create strong but lightweight materials like nature?

Welcome September I ecobe Sustainability Sparks

Ulla Soeder

Hello, I am Ulla, the founder of ecobe.

I am a sustainability consultant, designer, and Biomimicry specialist and love to write about creative methods, creating sustainable businesses, design and Biomimicry.

I look forward to connect with you. 

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Let´s create together

Let´s create together

For limiting climate change and the transformation to a more sustainable future, it is necessary to rethink consumption and production patterns and decouple well-being from environmental degradation. For that purpose, nearly everything needs to be redesigned in a more eco-friendly, life-supporting way. We use Biomimicry and Design thinking for that purpose.

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How do we learn?

How do we learn?

In the human brain, 100 billion nerve cells, also called neurons, communicate with each other. A neuron exists of a cell body and many extensions, named dendrites. There is also one longer extension, the axon. Electrical stimuli are received by the dendrites and transmitted to the cell bodies. The axons send them further to other neurons.

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Superglue invented by nature

Superglue invented by nature

The Velvet worm can eject a fluid hunting slime that forms an entangling net to trap prey. After catching the prey the ejected adhesive is returned to the water and the fibers totally dissolve and newly regenerated fibers can be drawn from the dissolved fiber solution. So it is a liquid water-soluble superglue, isn`t that amazing?

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